Who really NEEDS the church today?

by Captain Bradley

I loathe New Years resolutions, even more than promises sparked by Lent. Is it just a coincidence that, about 100 days into my church-free existence, I awoke at 1am or so with my mind racing about putting this part of my journey to virtual paper…on Palm Sunday?

Let me back up a few months. Just after the blitz and wonder of this past Christmas Season, I imagined what my little world would be like without our church, the very impressive and artistic creation of many men and women. A place where Gin and I were married. A place where our 4 kids grew up and/or are still doing so. A place full of good people doing good to great things everyday. Also, a place that I just don’t need anymore. It was not planned. I just said goodbye and kept it to myself…until now.

Like healthy food and clean water, we need a faith in something bigger than us to live well. Something that inspires us to overcome our normal, human condition. Something that just keeps our eyes and ears open to daily opportunities to make a positive difference in our small world. I do believe in God, his Son, and what Jesus is said to have accomplished 2,000+ years ago. As for man’s creations for worship, I’m just over it. Is it just me? Is it my age? Is it just another “dare to be different” moment in my life? Or, is this feeling a new dawn on a new era for the last half of this one life? I wish that I knew for sure very…but my very public effort here will attempt to source wisdom, constructive fedback, and help me explain my journey’s foundation to my wife, my kids, and to anyone who gives this effort any time, insight, and energy.