“Majors aren’t set up for nice guys.” ~ Johnny Miller

by Captain Bradley

I’m a bit of a golf geek. Until a few years ago, I played all seasons, since I was about 5 years old. I grew up with Jack, Arnie, and Gary late in their PGA careers and Johnny, Fuzzy, and Tom Watson taking the torch and having fun doing it. That’s how it began.

Today, I watch Hunter, Lee, and my new favorite, Bubba, take on the Masters @ Augusta. Youth is inspiring. Changing of the guard of anything is just healthy. It’s happening now in this unique pro sport.

Change is very good. It keeps you thinking. Keeps you on your toes. Keeps you young…but not like young kids. Just roll with it.

Golf is a darn good metaphor for life. Sometimes your swing works perfectly to plan. Most of the time, other variables impact your swing and score, which demands that you adjust and adapt to current conditions. Life is not a perfectly manicured Augusta National for one week a year. Life IS an imperfect, sunny to stormy, 24/7/365 journey with loved ones, friends, strangers, and idiots that demands our adaptation on a daily basis.

This Holy Week’s Maundy Thursday was more of a Master’s 1st round Thursday to me, which is another holy day for golf fans. It was a beautiful day, chock full of outdoor fun, biking, dog walks, naps, tasty food, and golf. Not a bad start to a long Easter weekend. I may just join the family for early Easter service…but we will be home for lunch with the Masters. After all, as Johnny Miller said today about this iconic major tourney, “Majors aren’t set up for nice guys.”. He’s right. Sometimes it just feels good to be benignly bad.