Good Friday? What’s so good about it?

by Captain Bradley

Much to my Mom’s and my wife’s dismay, I always come back with a contrarian question when the topic of “good Friday” pops up. Sure, Christ died for some of us. We are forgiven. We get an eternal life. Okay. I get it, after 4+ decades of church and living.

It’s just hard for this marketer to think of a more horrible brand than “good Friday” when crucifying Jesus was involved. How about “Ultimate Sacrifice Friday”, “Sacri-Friday”, or “Cruci-Friday” ….now, those make sense. Just saying.

As for this Easter weekend, all is good. Our boys are out of school…so much for separation of church & state…and it’s great. We have had an early breakfast, ridden bikes around downtown, shopped for candy, and caught up with several friends along the way. Naps happening now and a movie and sleepover are ahead. This is living.

Then, there’s dying. I’m not planning on that anytime soon. However, if it happens today or tomorrow, I’m good. I have lived and loved. I’m spoiled. Our kids are all brilliant, even @ ages of 20, 18, 8, and 6 respectively. Gin and I are blessed and we know it. God knows it. And Jesus must know it too.

Happy Easter, y’all.