He is risen! Really? Hello, Grammer Police….yeah…

by Captain Bradley

Okay, I’m odd. I think of things too inappropriate and I voluntarily say them most of the time. Or just type them on my Crackberry or iPad. It’s who I am, warts and all.

This four decades plus of reading, hearing, and being preached to “He is risen!” and it still seems odd. I get it. I gots my college edumacation, but the little grammar gremlin in me pokes and prods me every Easter.

Jesus was born. He died. And he arose and saved a world of sinners who believe in Him. All the rest? Anybody’s guess, I guess. I had a wife once that told me that all Jews were going to hell. She was and still is a real sweetheart. Wonder why it didn’t work out? I wish that I had all the answers, knew exactly what God was thinking, and where every soul stood in this cosmic game that we call life. That kind of knowledge must be empowering, especially with your 3rd husband. I wouldn’t know, but I bet it is.

I’m looking forward to joining our family at church tomorrow. My sabbatical takes a one-hour break. In and out. No harm done. Rejoice! A little Jesus, a little home-cooked lunch, naps, the Masters, a mandatory family dinner with weird conversation, and back to watch the Masters and early bedtime…in other words, a fairly good Sunday. Not great. Just good.

Suffice it to say, I’m really looking forward to every Easter on that particular island, sunrise service on the sand and all, as we head down the second half of our life. That is what I call salvation. Indeed.