“Is that all there is?”….again…

by Captain Bradley

It’s a lyric from an old song, but it is a key question that I ask myself over and over, especially when death rears its ugly head again. Lots of death to think about this week. From the famous to friends, there’s no avoiding the questions about death and what’s next after this stop on Earth.

Easter morn brought us the news of the death of Mike Wallace, a man of tremendous curiosity, courage, and the high watermark for all real journalists and news correspondents. Thomas Kincade, the self proclaimed “painter of light” died too, after decades of building the McDonalds org of the art world. We also learned about the death of a friend’s mom, who fought cancer, beat it, then succumbed to it Easter morning. Very sad, indeed. And then, just a few minutes ago, I saw the posts of friends who lost their long-time pup, Jake. Dogs are different. They certainly aren’t people. In a few ways, dogs are much better. We lost Bud after 14 years of unconditional love, so we know how it feels. Loss is loss, if any love is involved.

What is our individual and collective purpose while we are here? When are we effectively done? Where do we go from here? Being with our aging parents again this weekend brought all of those questions up again, even before all of the reports of death. Sharing just a few minutes alone with Dad, on a bench overlooking the TN river and answering the same question 6 times about the Henley Street bridge reconstruction…as well as looking towards his childhood S.Knox neighborhood…all reminders of how my end must come with more control, more final purpose, and confident hope that more work is left to be done in that odd environment of “milk and honey”. I sure hope God provides my mom’s “chocolate pie and cornbread” to go with it. That WOULD be Heaven.