Daughters and Dad

by Captain Bradley

Regardless of gender, kids are just special. I honestly believe that nurturing, educating, and disciplining our kids, or kids others have neglected, is our greatest adult challenge and opportunity for a better small to greater world. The greatest! Not everyone chooses or is able to have kids, but kids in need are almost everywhere around us and certainly are in the majority outside of America.

As for us, we have 4 very different kids in almost 2 different generations. 2 Millennial young ladies and two Gen? little dudes. Our little dudes’ stories are barely unfolding now. Our almost 20- & 18-year old girls are another story. From this Dad’s perspective, they each have an amazing story already. Being a bit sensitive to their privacy, I will keep this a bit vague. Suffice it to say, each have been blessed with a loving family, a mix of family characters, a sense of humor, all they really need, a lot of wants too, and each has travelled the world like I never have. Not spoiled. Pretty grounded and appreciative. Both will go far and it’s too exciting to watch each step as it happens. They each know that the world is so much bigger than any one home and hometown. Every kid needs that knowledge and perspective that he or she can get out and make a difference, which will make for a really purpose-driven life.

At the other end of life, I’m witnessing another Dad and daughter mix that I will never completely understand. It’s complicated, sweet, and confusing. It makes me think about myself in my 80’s, if I get there, and what my girls will think of this Dad and his life well-spent. Thus, with four decades left, I’m a little obsessed about cheap thrills like making people laugh everyday to doing the same in one or more villages of the Caribbean and Central America someday. Plenty left to accomplish.

If you’re a Dad, keep the faith, good priorities, and let the vanity go. We should just accept the fat and ugly as we grow old and show our kids and others what really living is. If you are not a Dad, go find that one kid or one group that helps lift kids up from whatever. It’s just what real men should do.

By the way, to BH, KH, RH, and MH, your old Dad really loves you.