Missing links…to the White House?

by Captain Bradley

Gin seemed more than a bit stunned by our little guys introduction to the Oscar-nominated, world-class humorists that I grew up watching and enjoying many years ago. Thanks to AMC and our DVR, we now have our first stash of Three Stooges. Mo, Larry, and Curly humor still works, assuming you have a Y-chromosome, for silly guys like us. Gin…not so much. I also identify this humor with modern politics, which is funny on another level, but darn sad too.

Our 7-year old could make this comparison now, if he weren’t so innocent right now. As for me, yes, Mitt is Mo, Rick is Larry, and Newt is Curly…and to be fair, our Prez is Mo, VP Joe is Curly, and Dem political hack, Hilary Rosen, is Larry. Can you imagine the 2-finger eye-punch the Prez gave her after she observed that raising 5 kids is not work? Old Hilary just slipped up and spoke like a man, albeit a Stooge of another era. How dare she?

Our political parties are parallel comedies and tragedies that turn off most of us 99%’ers more than it entertains us. Thus, a few really elect a chosen few on a local and state level, where most promises are made and never fulfilled…with the single exception of perpetual fundraising & campaigning. Re-election is a far greater goal than making a greater-good impact for 2, 4, or 6 years in elected office.

This White House run is a classic battle of the boobs, man-boobs, and a couple of uber-smart guys. The winner will probably be the one who wins over the most women. There’s just more of them. They will care. They will pick the one that will keep the economic recovery going…or…has the most CEO expertise to bring when the recovery stalls or economy tanks again later this year. We shall see.

As a son of a Mom who worked two full-time jobs (@school and @home), I’m fine with all engaged, working women picking our next President. That just leaves us guys more time to focus on the real Stooges and other primal urges to avoid reality. It’s a good life, guys.