Mom. Love her.

by Captain Bradley


I started, like billions of boys, as a son. 19 years later, I’m a husband. 6 years and 2 beautiful girls later, I’m an ex-husband. Then, I’m saved by a Saint and made a husband again…plus 2 handsome boys.

Point is that I know Moms. My own. My first love. My lifelong love. I do know Moms.

Mothers Day is almost here. My mom has her sweets and tasty stuff from Mast General Store. All good. Ginny Lee, my much better half, will have her simple turquoise jewelry ensemble from the same store and our little boys will be proud of their gift-giving expertise via Dad.

We should all appreciate mothers. Any mother. I know one 25 year old boy who cannot appreciate his mom. I plan to rock her world a bit this Mothers Day weekend… as best I can.

All moms should remember this Sunday. As I cook and serve dinner for our 3 moms (my love, her mom, and mine) this Sunday, I’m going to think about those derelict sons out there and their moms.

Please, find that mom near you and just do what you know is right.