Just a little sick of schoolhouse shenanigans. Welcome, summertime!

by Captain Bradley

How many ways can so many be so wrong, indifferent, or just overwhelmed by the demands of our public education system?  I really wish that I knew. All I do know, for sure, is that I’m sick of the piles of school notes in broken-down folders, the optimistic rhetoric from nice people who think they can influence school budgets, and, most of all, the most ignorant, childless or empty-nester elected officials who think that they know what is best for today’s school children and their families. It wouldn’t hurt to have a rule that says “only current parents of public school-attending children may be involved in school budget preparation, discussion, and passage”.  One week from today, a majority of politicians who have never had children or have been out of the daily school experience will decide the educational fate of 58,000+ children and future adults. A few get it. The majority do not and will be voting purely based on future re-election potential, as opposed to the greater-good. 

It’s about summertime, thank God.  A time to relax, get outside in new and more frequent ways, and just leave the lesson, notes, structure, and wicked politics of education behind. We will keep reading nightly, but we will hike, bike, and explore as only summer allows. Summer is a release. Summer is hot, sweaty, cool, and refreshing…much like school…but better. 

We have our oldest halfway through college (not inc a Masters) now and our next heading there this fall. Two girls. Same university. Two full scholarships.  I’m a very proud Papa. Two boys. Same elementary school. Just beginning their educational journey. We shall see. All four different. All four are each a hoot and we’ll see where they go.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 2 and we have another graduating from high-school this weekend. Big milestones, but not really a big deal at all over the long-haul. What counts the most in the material world is “what have you done for me lately?”. Too tough a lesson to teach the young, but it’s so true. That’s why attendance and test scores relate now to institutional educator assessments and school funding, promotion, and career advancement. No different in business. It’s just a sad truth of life. Only artists and/or entrepreneurs seem to break that mold, as they starve or eat very well. 

Today’s educational demands are overwhelming, much like the childless buffoons who think they can dictate what’s best for school age kids. Let’s start electing big thinkers, not career politicians, and let’s support the front-line educators and administrators who actually have a real vision for our kids and their families. 

What if real parents worked with real parents to help all kids and their parents?  Just need a little vision. That’s all…just one week away, everyday, and with every local election moving forward.