Want small government? Then, let’s dismantle it.

by Captain Bradley

Last night, our local elected officials voted for a budget that shorted the modern vision for educational tools and outcomes. “no new taxes” was the mantra of the opposition. Not a vision of their own. No specifics to follow our Governor’s lead and TN’s “Score4Schools” with local solutions. Just “no new taxes”. Same old story of re-election concerns trumping any real leadership and vision. Ironically, the “Invest in Excellence” opposition was led by folks who have no children or are too old now to understand the modern demands of kids, parents, and educators. Education in America is now a global technology challenge and career politicians are not capable of understanding anything past thier own re-election priorities.

When asked on a softball radio show about what our Mayor Shrinkage envisioned for our county, he replied “smaller government”. Not higher graduation rates, smarter workforce, making our region more attractive for business relocation and expansion….just smaller government. Hmm. Let’s go even further. Let’s scrap it and start over with professional bidding for the work of government and have all work overseen by volunteer committees of conflict-free citizens. We could do this. A qualified CPA firm manages tax receivables and payables. Fee office services are fulfilled mainly on-line and by mail. Most county administration is eliminated. All paid political positions are eliminated. Schools are transitioned to charter or private management, with a volunteer-driven School Board. And safety and security is transitioned from public trough to private or public community professionals, much like volunteer fire departments do. It would be the ultimate “smaller government/no new taxes” effort ever undertaken.

No Metro Government. That just isn’t enough. Let the City struggle with their own challenges with overhead, pension nightmare, and “island” convention center debt. No. Just freeze county tax rates for years to come (but taxes almost always go up, thanks to the Property Assessor…who we will fire first) and outsource to the most-qualified, lowest bidder for public services in a modern age. Slashing overhead will lead to paying down debt and a slashed public payroll leads to slashed pension demands over future decades…to eventually $0, when all retirees are dead and gone.

You want smaller government? Support the transitioning to no paid government bureaucracy. We still elect those volunteers to oversee the school performance and outcomes, law enforcement, and much smaller services. But, we eliminate a bloated administration and disappointing political environment. And, remember…NO NEW TAXES, y’all.