The point.

by Captain Bradley

Gin and I found ourselves wallowing in the past again yesterday. Literally & metaphorically wallowing through cobwebs of our huge storage unit of “stuff”. Stuff we just don’t need. But, stuff we saved for our kids to use someday. Well, that day is here. Today, we set up our oldest girl in a new town for a well-deserved internship. The best possible use of furniture, lamps, a solid bike, and a bounty of food-stuff.

Letting go of “stuff” is difficult for many people. Walking through various homes, garages, and basements prove it. Seeing that packed storage unit proves it too. However, we hold on for that girl’s first pad where she will want for very little as she starts her career. That’s great use of stuff. Downsizing is cathartic…and so is helping a loved one make a new place a “home”.

In a sick, personal replay of “Groundhog Day”, I ask myself “what’s the point?” every single day. I’m strange that way. Why are we here and what is the point today? Well, today, it’s about a young woman moving “…on to the next big adventure of my life!…”, as her facebook status update just announced. That is today’s point.

Fathers Day is almost here and we’ll be batting .500 with kids here. But, that’s okay. Our girls are always here with us in photos, stories, and memories. It is, to be honest, just another day. It’s a day like today that is really Fathers Day. It’s days at the park, the Zoo, the Great Smoky Mountains, around the dinner table, and walking or relaxing on the Gulf Coast…those are real Fathers Days to me.

What’s the point of life? I would argue, without a doubt, it’s making as many kids (yours and/or others) feel safe, smart, and confident about today & where they are headed down the road. Nothing else gives one greater purpose than giving the world productive future adults who get “the point” too.

God bless you Dads & great role models out there this and every Fathers Day to come.