Fathers Day. Happy & otherwise.

by Captain Bradley

Today, it’s here again. One day on the calendar to do what we should do for most of 68 million Dads in America. Simply saying thanks and I love you will do. Our two boys did just that in voice and handwritten card form this morning. Very sweet. On the other hand, my Dad will be sleeping late in the same home that I was raised in and will not recall what day today is, let alone the holiday itself. Alzheimers never takes a day off, it seems.

I may be a very profitable, family business manager. A hit and miss entrepreneur. Any career politician’s pain in the rear. An intolerant, bitter, and disgusted ex-husband. And many other things….but, more important than anything, I am a 20+ year father and almost 17 year husband of unconditional love. Today’s gifts are sweet and appreciated. But the year-round challenge, laughs, stress, and privilege of being a fulfilled man at just 43 is the very best.

As our parents age, we are educated even more about the priorities, challenges, and opportunities ahead when our parent role declines again. What will Ginny and I do? Where will we be. I have a few ideas to explore far from here in God’s Country. Wherever it is…this family’s fulfillment will lead the the way. Dare to be different, as we say, today and everyday.

May all dads out there have a blessed day with those you love and who return such a blessing unconditionally.