5-to-4 America is here!

by Captain Bradley

The “Newsroom” premiere show on HBO this week began with a university forum with two typical talking heads bickering and Jeff Daniels character, a cable news anchor, blasting both and the college audience with a well-written diatribe from Aaron Sorkin’s pen. A diatribe that I wish was preached from the White House to ever state house to every city hall. America’s greatest days are, indeed, probably over. With the gutless leading both parties and no rival 3rd party hope, we may very well now be something like a cross between nanny-states of Russia/China and resource-rich banana republics like Venezuela/Brazil.

There was a day when we lived within our means, sacrificed when defending the world against horrors, and we allowed for a minimal safety net to avoid elderly poor-houses. Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided by a 5-4 vote that our safety net expands again. We’re now about 70 years into the socialization of this republic. It’s just another verse to the same old song. The price of freedom is taxes. It began with personal income and business taxes, which we all pay. The fare increased with mandatory social security and Medicare taxes out of every American paycheck and match by employers, which is approx 20% of every dollar earned…with the “IOU” that we will have a benefit when we are old and maybe retired. Now, our government has been validated regarding the constitutional right to mandate healthcare or tax those who avoid insurance coverage. Again, this historic decision was a 5-4 decision.

But, this is our new normal. We are a 5-4 nation. Obamacare. Taxes. Welfare. Gay rights. Belief in God. Electing a President. You name it. About 11% really decides about everything. About 89% are equally fighting over every issue. Rarely do you ever see a 70%+ majority agree about any political issue, policy, or candidate. Justice Roberts did what he did, sided with the liberal justices for the first time, and offered the 11% vote for Obamacare. Done deal. This fall, the 11% of voters of PA, FL, MI, VA, and OH will probably decide who will be our re-elected or new President. Bank on it and thank our founders love of the electoral college for the power of a few electing for all.

So, the next time you think about the future of America, think about the transformation of this country from a boot-strap reality and tough, independent generations to one of social welfare promises, ever-rising costs & taxes, and a growing dependency of current generations…with trillions in debt that can never be paid off. How does one handle the deepest budget, character, and moral deficits facing America moving forward? Well, honestly…no joke…safe 3rd world countries are looking pretty good. Beautiful places where tourists always go and ex-pats have created their own colonies. No kidding. It may just be a better alternative to move where most people agree to “live and let live”. A place where partisan politics is not an all-consuming issue, where the weather is almost always nice, and where the local mentality is one that welcomes all who visit.

With an American citizenship that is losing value with every election, congressional or White House battle, and with each trillion in debt, I can think of at least 5 better places to raise our children and grow old together. It’s just a matter of time, for this American.