Dependence Days

by Captain Bradley

So much to reflect upon this time of year, when we celebrate independence day again with our family and friends. We celebrate freedom like no other country in the world, yet we are dependent on other countries like no other country in the world.  America’s greatest days are probably behind us at this point. It’s just a hunch. True leadership and heroes of this generation and generations to come seem to be in very short supply.

Real leadership and heroic decisions have been replaced by pure politics and the art of distraction.  The old right to life vs. right to choose has been replaced by the new healthcare-for-all vs. Obamacare. No compromise. No leadership. No solutions. Just arguments and the futility of politics. That is the new American way. 

There is one glaring, major issue in this upcoming election to be settled. But, I fear it will not be addressed over the coming four years. Both candidates have very similar art of distraction game-plans. And I’m just not that impressed with either. Dual citizenship is a real option and I think it may just be time to take a look at such a solution for our second half of life.  Why now? Simply put, we are now facing 15,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt with 20,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt coming fast.  Once we get to $20t or $25t, how do we ever come back?  Well, maybe Governor Chris Christie knows, but, certainly, two presidential candidates do not.  The math re: revenue vs. expense projections makes me cringe.

Today’s America resembles nothing of the truly independent America of 200 + years ago. Thank God, in one way. Abolishing slavery was the greatest social triumph known to the American experience ever.  However, why are we so ambivalent to the debt crisis that enslaves this country today?  Healthcare will not ruin this country. Obamacare will not ruin this country. Abortion debates will not ruin this country. Taxes will not make or break this country. But, if we ignore increasing debt and never balance our budget again, it will rip apart any positive future of America, as we know it.  As the election of 2012 approaches, it looks like it may be too late. 

One of my many cliches has been “hope for the best …but, plan for the worst”. It’s just a good philosophy and it will serve this one family very well in the future.  Our founding fathers’ America is no more.  The America of my childhood is no more.  There’s no more Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, nor Ronald Reagan left in the bunch of so-called “leaders”.  Unless we’re on the public gravy-train of some form or fashion, we are left to our own devices to figure out this life, what’s best for our families, and just how to take on the future.  This 21st century is looking more like the new 18th century where we replaced England’s suppression with the suppression of entitlement and the debt it requires…and the upcoming election of 2012 will do nothing to change that. 

Recent tweet from @GovChristie : “We need leaders who are willing to take risks.” 10min worth watching @