The Plan

by Captain Bradley

Forget the old “best laid plans…” adage.  We need a plan. 

My most original plan, as a kid, was to be an airline pilot or FBI agent. Neither happened and life was good. Next plan, get our family’s 1st college degree and live it up. Got the degree but married way too young, in that process. Life was good, thanks to two little girls.  Planned to marry once and live happily….blah, blah, blah….never happened. Wife #2 makes me feel like #1 never existed sometimes. Unconditional love will do that. Planned to have the normal 2.3 kids, as demographics forecast.  Nope. We have 4 and all are good-looking and smart. Go figure. Career “plans” are a moving target. Took chances that paid off big and others flopped miserably. Best laid plans, you know. Really. We need a plan. 

We need a plan for the next big thing. Here goes….but, a little backstory, please…  

The next four years are a time that our two young ladies enjoy & complete their undergraduate experience, where each have earned full scholarships to a great, private university, and each will be off to do whatever they dream to do someday.  Why should their parents be any different?  The same years see our little guys heading fast towards the most challenging, awkward, and dysfunctional time of life (okay, not including middle-age years)…their middle-school years. Isn’t a real adventure just perfect for these years?  I digress. We need a plan. 

Weeks of googling, reading, linking, and a little networking tell me one thing….there are much more adventurous and positive places for these two parents to raise two future, interesting, and considerate men.  Too much technology, toys, and Jones-ing influences here for us to battle. We need simple, much like our downtown life…but even better. Simple. Beautiful. Cheap. And the easiest pleasures are opportunities right out the door at a nice beach, the little school house, that ancient church, and the food pantry we can help make happen.  I digress. We need a plan. 

Belize. Panama. Costa Rica. Uruguay. Even Mexico’s NW coast!  All are open and welcome ex-pats, in different ways. It’s just a proper formula of quality-of-life, cost of living, business opportunities, and security that will create our “plan” sooner than later. Belize looks great with no language barrier and an extraordinarily diverse offering of vast places to disappear and small spaces to congregate with Canadians and other North Americans…including our GenX and Boomer friends in need of a temporary or permanent getaway.  We all need that plan. 

Most informative resources to plan a plan around a plan are…. (for long-term rental info)

And let’s not forget Mexico Edd, who prompted me into this next-life realm about 9 months ago. You can find him and his adopted village school kids on facebook.  Very purpose-driven mission and fun fellow, indeed. He has a plan.  

Like the old infomercial mantra says, “facts tell, but stories sell”. So fitting for this plan. “live in paradise for $600 a month!”. Really?  “Modest living for only $1,000 a month”.  Getting warmer.  “live a life you always dreamed of for $2,000 or less per month”. Much better. Truth of the ex-pat life is that you can live in beautiful places for much less than here, Florida, California, and almost anywhere in America that’s worth living. It’s just a fact. We need a plan. 

How do we get there?  We slash and save. Gin was serious or joked about living like college kids. Fine.  Bring it on. I know the figure we need and we can have it ready in four years. Slash and save is the challenge now.  Plus, we sell everything we cannot take in material goods and give away anything that’s left. 4-5 years of new life expenses are what we need to save.  Creating new business ventures, connecting with local entrepreneurs, and/or finding partner businesses stretch our budgeted savings even farther.  Two smart sales pros & marketers like these two parents can figure out how to generate $1,000 or more month and make that savings go farther, up to 10-15 years!  Then, if the U.S. government still exists…we’ll have our pre-funded, taxpayer retirement every month, as promised…..maybe.  (Truth be told…the collapse of our federal government is possible, if we run up $20t to $25trillion in debt with $1trillion+ interest due every year.  Makes a 3rd world country look strong).  We need this plan. 

The plan is so simple. Love. Live. Plan. Slash. Save. Plan. Sell. Prepare. Convert. Plan. Move. Live. Love. And, Ginny’s favorite….Engage…while living and loving. 

Join us, won’t you?