by Captain Bradley

MAUI.  Nuff said.

Ginny and I have spent two fantastic getaways there. First one thanks to Kim and her frequent flyer miles and my b&b savvy search. Free airfare and $59 per night on our honeymoon….hold your applause, please. Blessed were these two. Five years later, still blessed, but able to fly, stay, and play in style. Loved both getaways. But, the first came with all 1st’s, including blowing our 1st night budget at Momma’s Fish House, the stinky cheese incident, amazing drives, beach discoveries, the timeshare tour during the week’s only rain, and the free luau @ the Marriott for our time…where I pretended to be Austrailian for the dining crowd….rum is a funny thing. But, I really digress.

Hawaii is wonderful. And worth the trip. And…it’s expensive too.

As of today, my long gone plan to live there is really long gone.  An old chap who lived there over the last 30 years just sealed this deal. As passed on by email to thier followers, this fellow is now living for a small fraction of what his Hawaiian life cost before the move. 

Belize. Panama. Ecuador. All are very attractive, proven safe in ex-pats havens, and offer a remarkable quality of life for families and couples after the coop is empty.  Why wait until your too old, responsible, safe, or settled to try something out of the American box?  Answer: We won’t.

It’s no fun watching most of your parents waste away. It’s no fun watching healthy friends waste away in consumption of material goods, spoiling thier children in oblivious ways, and planning “thier number” for retiring someday. Ick. And, btw, the social security trust fund is officially projected to be bankrupt 5 years before my IOU comes due. Hmmm. How about living lean, having fun, and staying so active that retiring is never a thought…just living.  Really living.

Fun facilitator (uber-concierge), Realtor networker, SCUBA shop marketer, even a bartender….all chatty challenges that beat any desk job or corporate ladder. And I plan to do them all…maybe some at the same time. Wherever we land will be packaged, marketed, and sold to a worldwide market of GenX and Baby Boomers, then comes GenY too, who are stumped about thier future life…one to enjoy much sooner than America allows over the next few decades.

This America is led by fiscal fools. It’s time to look, research, plan, and go where today’s real “hope and change” really exists.

Think about an ideal place to live, the ideal budget, and what you REALLY need. Get out of the American box mindset and take control of what lies ahead. It’s liberating even before we ever get started.

THE PLAN continues….. ….timely info via #KathleenPeddicord of #InternationalLiving

Paradise in Panama…