Men of a certain age. It’s complicated.

by Captain Bradley

We’ve had our young couple years with like couples. We’ve enjoyed and are still enjoying raising two very different pairs of kids. And, now, these middle years bring us wave after wave of friends and acquaintances changing course in thier respective journeys.

Most of the time, it seems to be guys behaving badly. Not always. Just most of the time. Again, it’s complicated. What motivates a guy to go beyond everyday flirting to crossing a line with little to no return. I’m guessing that it’s perceived leverage.

Think about it. How many businessmen leave thier wives for a younger associates?  Doctors with thier staff?  Anyone with anyone seeking “greener grass”?  It’s all about leverage, at the workplace and at home.  Bosses have it with staff. Bread-winners have it with so-called home-makers. Put the two together in environs of privilege…well…uber-leverage happens.

You know who I’m talking about. We all do, if your GenX or older. Perceived leverage in cushy places can be financially mitigated by a really good attorney, but you can’t buy a return to better times and whole relationships.

Men of a certain age have tough changes to face, manage, and accept.  A few of us just make middle-age much harder than it should be by losing focus on a very short list of top priorities…not to mention those little vows to God and others.

Dads (especially of girls), if you do nothing else, leave your empowered kids the valuable lessons of leverage and how to use it wisely or not at all.

Most of all, good times and not so, future adults are watching, listening, and learning from every big decision we make through our middle years.

God’s speed getting through them well, fellow guys, and here’s to growing very old with that one true love you never lost.