Damn you, dreams.

by Captain Bradley


Just stumbled upon this shot. One of our annual trips to the Gulf. This shot was taken in a great little dive that is no more, thanks to Mother Nature. One hurricane. Gone. C’est la vie. Dad was in fairly good shape. Still knew everyone. Still traveled. Still laughed when he should…or just gave the usual look. Classic.

I had a wonderfully horrible dream last night. Dad was younger, trimmer, and was about to exercise around the neighborhood with Mom…dreamy stuff, huh? But….he had no clue who I was when I walked into thier living room of almost 50 years. Sad. But fair. Really fair. My dream was all too real. I would trade my existence in my Dad’s mind in a heartbeat for his return to good health and well-being for him AND for Mom. In his case, 77 years is just not enough. So cliche’ but so true. Life really is short. Too many ailments to consider. Just shut up, ignore the path most taken, and, as Frost opined…take the road less traveled.

Life is just too damn short….just like dreams.