No more homework…for kids AND teachers?

by Captain Bradley


What if?

What if we set a quality-of-life goal for all school-age kids AND teachers of “8-8-8” ?

Simply put:

8 hours of challenging, modern, and efficient education

8 hours of family time, recreation, extracurricular pursuits

8 hours of sleep

Consideration of all involved (kids, educators, and parents) in education should demand the leveraging modern tools of communication, education, and productivity for all involved.

There’s no educational Utopia, but there’s a most affordable and productive tool ready to beta test, tweak, and roll-out in our public schools. Private schools, STEM schools, and even very priviledged charter & public schools use modern technologies today. Why can’t all schools? Think tablets.

The photo here shows 1 math lesson in 1 class of 18 kids and 1 teacher. This took me 1 hour to tear, fold, sort, and stack. What about the distribution, completion, grading, and return of results energy, time, and expense for this 1 lesson? Millions of lessons, kids, parents, volunteers, and educators per week? All paper and pencil? Really? In 2012?

What if every teacher had her or his own virtual assistant distributing assignments, encouraging kids during thier work, and offerring kids, teachers, administrators, AND parents instant, real-time, and/or daily outcomes per child, per class, per school, per district, per state…you get the virtual picture. Teachers need greater efficiencies more than anyone involved in education. Greater productivity tools lead to greater free-time and happier teachers. No more working at home for hours every night. If we cannot afford to pay teachers what they are worth, then just re-allocate current funding for pencil & paper lessons to electronic lessons & secure tablets with writing stylus. Teachers really plan lessons and can teach during thier 8 hour workday. Kids work efficiently and learn in fun, modern ways…and maybe have more time available for exercise and the arts too. Parents can be as real-time connected to thier child’s daily outcomes as each wants to be or can be. Administrators have remarkable outcome measurement tools. Unreal possibilities.

It’s practically modern. It’s like being Japanese or any better, forward-thinking, cutting-edge, brilliant, modern educational system. More learning in less time with real-time feedback, encouragement, and rewarded educators, kids, and parents. More free-time for all. Less paper, energy, waste, and time demands for all. With Amazon’s kindle fire HD retailing for $199, there’s a remarkable deal to be struck for millions of units per state and with electronic content publishers. This can and should be a modern reality for all involved.

Keep our libraries. Keep the techy tablets secure at school. Send real books home to read at bedtime every night. Keep a few Rockwellian traditions of reading everday, keeping a daily journal, and frequent recess…but plug in a cloud-driven, modern, educational communication tool and it will be like a huge boost in pay (time and freedom) for educators and a real-time feedback opportunity for kids and parents.

Innovation is the key to pulling our educational systems, our economy, and our global success back up where each belong. Think tablets.


Merci, mon ami.