Dreams seem pretty real to me…

by Captain Bradley

Just a dream, I keep telling myself. Or was it?  So rhetorical.

Dad & I were in some living room just chatting about memories, comparing notes about Maui, Scottsdale, and family trips with our kids and those many family beach weeks over four decades. Dad was all smiles and offered great detail about fun times that were void of work and the mundane.  That’s about it for what I recall. Almost…

I woke up pretty abruptly last night in tears. Yes, this middle-age guy woke up crying. Pillow was damp.  What the hell?  Yes, Dad is dying a slow, miserable death. Weaker everyday, it seems. I get it. Or, do I? 

Our bodies send us mental signals all day and maybe even at night.  Maybe God is telling me something. Maybe I’m being challenged to be a better Dad than I know. Maybe I’m making all of this up.  Maybe not.

What is certain is that Gin & I have 4 brilliant kids, two grown girls and two little dudes, and thier genetics are set. It’s only my love, behavior, and counsel left to help all four along thier respective journeys. I hope none of them awake in tears, due to my journey, memories, or counsel, nor anyone else’s.

On second thought, maybe those were tears of joy for the good to great times Dad & I did enjoy. Maybe.  We’ll see what tonight brings.

Sweet dreams to you this Season.