It is risen.


Yes. It is risen. He is Risen. Sure. It’s Easter.  But…it is risen too. It took a steak knife. It took a week of drying out. It took an idea. It worked. Our coffee maker now flows freely thanks to a knife, a week away at the beach, a dry reservoir, and an idea. A true blessing every morning to come starting today. Easter.

Easter is here again. Our reminder that Christ lived, died, and lives in perpetuity for those of us who believe. As I type, I’m absorbing another futile PBS World tv debate titled “Science refutes God”.  Four brilliant men & scientists. All making my head spin. All very impressive creations of God, in my opinion. Ouch. The Believer scientist just quoted the atheist scientist’s book.  Fair warning. Don’t write something if you don’t want others to know what you believe. I get it.

Over a year later, I’m still not convinced that I need Faith strength in numbers, a really cool architectural creation, nor just a man from a pulpit motivating me for the coming week. I cannot motivate myself either. I’m guessing that my reason for being right here today is to learn from and teach those I love and/or know in verying degrees each day…just like these four heady PBS debaters, educators, and quasi-entertainers.

Intelligence is wonderful. Faith in just one thing bigger than us is a must. Anything works. God is the biggest around. It’s not group-think. It’s personal faith. It’s very real for anyone not doomed to a few decades on one tiny planet in a vast universe.

Fortunately, we each have free will to decide. Just like the PBS audience. 50% picked science debaters over 38% who chose Faith in God.  See for more info.

Regardless, it’s been a great year of discovery and random blog posts.

Who knows what the next year may bring?  We shall see.


Happy Easter…if you believe.