Too cute.


Time goes really fast. There’s nothing you can do about that. It just goes. One day you’re in your 20’s and just trying to make a living for a very young family… And there it goes.

Two beautiful and brilliant girls. That’s what you see. We now have two handsome and brilliant boys. And time continues to get away from us.

That shot of Brianna and Kaitlyn was taken on the front stoop of our North Hills home many years ago. Our sweet home. Our simple home. Our home that was surrounded by friends, wonderful friends, and the most eclectic bunch of neighbors we ever had.

Cookouts. Sleepovers. Parties. Live jazz. Little gardens. A wonderful patio. And the man cave too. All very good.

Those early years were very special. They can never be forgotten. They are in us forever.

Those gorgeous, little girls are all grown up now. But, they’re grown gorgeous girls who now are wonderful ladies. And this dad could not be more proud.