One particular harbor…

by Captain Bradley


“it’s been quite a…summer?” is part of a live “Come Monday” song from Jimmy Buffett in Hawaii. I highly recommend his Pandora channel for a getaway anywhere. Yes, it has been quite a summer. Usual trips with kids, lots of sun, never enough beach time. The usual. But, this summer turned another page on us. We said goodbye to my Dad. He went on his own terms after just a three-day hospital stay. It was time. Alzheimer’s disease did not have its way. Neither did diabetes. Dad did. He did not want to live under an oxygen mask. So, he removed it for the last time and he left us. On his terms. “My Way” as Sinatra would sing. Good for you, Dad.

Life does indeed go on. Saying goodbye to three loved ones this year should be enough. I hope God agrees. Losing both of our Dads this year is awfully sad. But, both suffer no more and Heaven is a funnier place now with them.

Fall is in the air around here. Perfect running, biking, camping, & sailing weather is upon us. Really looking forward to sharing a family weekend with our girls at there university next weekend. Then, a sailing camp reunion for our family the next weekend. And I just booked our fall stay up at Elkmont in the GSM National Park and ordered our Big Agnes tent, as well. Should be crisp & cozy up the mountains. Then, before we know it, the holidays will be here. Time does fly.

Back to that “One particular harbor”, as Buffett would sing…I found it. Actually, I found a few harbors & quality marinas. In a few years, we will be blogging & entertaining friends, family, and tourists from one of several harbors & coastlines between St. Pete, Florida and the Florida Keys. After securing my keelboat certification, my next task is to secure my coastal cruising & SCUBA certs, then, work towards my Captain’s license, in order to make a living with fun, sun, sand, & saltwater. It’s how our second-half needs to be enjoyed.

Give our boys an adventure. Give our girls a fun destination, as their schedules allow. Prep ourselves for our empty nest time, probably on a Hake-Seaward 46′ in the BVI. And, as for grandkids…well, they’ll have a ball. Lots to do, one step at a time.

If this year has reaffirmed anything for me, it’s my passion to do it “My Way”. Not any banker’s way. Not any workaholic’s way.
Not any preacher’s way. Not any politician’s way. My way. Clutter free, downsized, quality over quantity, and paying cash for everything moving forward. My way. With my one true love, Ginny Lee. With our four true loves and their partners & kids to come. Our way.

Let the training continue. I just started today running at least 10k in just over one hour. Heart started fluttering a bit again. That little thing began the day after Dad died. But, I’m fine. I’m here. I’m healthier now at 45 than I was in my lucrative 30’s. Ginny is too. She’s one hot Mom. Let the training & execution of The Plan continue.

Lastly, many thanks to fellow bloggers , ,, and (all contributors) sv-Totem, The Monkey’s Fist, & Savannah Sails for a tremendous sailing & live aboard education. Keeping it real, they are. And inspirational too.

Sail on…to that one particular harbor, y’all.