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Month: October, 2013

My Love’s story….

On the heels of a couple of days river camping….


and thanks to our quiet home…I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful a friend, partner, mother, sales pro, & daughter my wife is.

Her folks, long before I met her, referred to her as “love” or Ginny Love. For almost two decades, I found that sweet…but, its true.  She is love. That’s also a song title. She Is Love. Ginny Lee is love.


See the blonde in the middle of a Kat&Kiki sandwich.  She is lovely filling.

She works hard. She’ll be working tonight to best prep for business meetings. She’ll leave us three boys for four days to do what she needs to do. She’s a pro. She’s a bread-winner, as folks used to say.
She is love. She’s the most selfless mom any four kids could ever have. First, as a tremendous “stepmother” (she could enter many a Disney stepmom joke here)….our first formal dance here..


to two little girls, who are now brilliant & beautiful young women. Too many trips & home time experiences to detail here. Suffice it to say, there are three of us so much better off & happier due to this wonderful mom & partner.

Then, years later, God puts us through the infertility wringer and, once we gave up, He gives us two boys to love, share & challenge us. Those boys are the most challenging loves we’ve ever experienced together. 


Again, thanks to her, our Home of Testosterone gets a good relief valve, as needed.

She is love, I’ll betcha, to everyone she knows. Too many sweet girlfriends to mention. Too many legal drug dealer career & other industry friends & acquaintances to mention. Too many church friends to mention.  Just too many. She is love.


Have a great week, my love. My Ginny Love. See you soon.

Hope you can rest a bit this week too.


Love you,


Evolution happens.

Change is good. Very good.

A lady last weekend asked me why I wasn’t so enthused about our college football program. I paused and offered up “well, it seems that I’ve outgrown “orange 151″ and any emotional connection to such a machine. After all, football is just another form of entertainment. Isn’t it?”  She left with some kind of answer, I guess.

My best pal was over watching pro baseball & football with me last night. I recounted that story & I went on with this rhetorical stream of thought.

We just outgrow things at various stages of life. Like voluntarily choosing to stop soiling our underwear as a toddler…we eventually choose to stop soiling our heart, mind, & soul with thoughts, people, & places that don’t really matter to our most loved ones health & happiness.

It seems that we all eventually evolve beyond our upbringing. I grew up with organized religeon and fairly strict biblical interpretation & gender role expectations. Okay. Moving on. I grew up with great parents doing thier best with thier given educations & local opportunities. Okay. Moving on.  I grew up with a menu of tasty, but overcooked, meats & veggies that I cannot serve my family as chef & top-notch dishwasher. Again, okay. Moving on.

My single point is that we all must move on. The past makes you. But, your own personal evolution should  make you even better as your decades pass. It’s not about pleasing everyone, especially ones parents. It’s about growth. It’s about experiences. It’s about fresh & intelligent perspectives coloring your personal canvas.

None of us are masterpieces, but we are all unique. Like Darwin, Edison, Churchill, both Roosevelt’s, Hawking, and millions more insightful & intriguing characters, we should choose to expand our horizons….as we age gracefully, not kicking & screaming.

Please, guys of a certain age, keep evolving. Please.


“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul” ~ William Ernest Henley.

Molten glass on copper “Voyager” artwork via Houston Llew @ http://www.houstonllew.com and http://www.shopinbliss.com

Boobs, Bubba, & wrestling

As this school year began, I ran into an old acquaintance and he was nice enough to introduce me to his wife. The intro was unique, but not unexpected. “Brad’s the one that would write letters to the Editor…or you used to…”. So true. Like pressed khakis, dress clothes, crowded parties, wine coolers, bleached jeans, and relying on anyone for financial advice, I’ve given up on productive politics and the hacks & puppeteers who manage thier every move. Public and private airing of opinion has zero impact without a checkbook whipped out for results desired.

I’ve learned this cynical truth in various forms from a majority of elected “leaders”.  The sad reality is local, regional, and, most disappointing, nationwide with our Congress, which is primarily comprised of bullies or lemmings.  Clean house again next year and a new crop of each will emerge. The historic tradition of compromise & reconciliation is dead. The Gipper & Tip must be rolling over these days.  Reagan offered amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens, sense he was a realistic person and bigger  leader. This White House & Congress set up epic annual battles with unrealistic budgets, trillion $+ annual deficits, and inevitable debt-ceiling wrestling matches.  Today’s politics is more like a sport. Winners, losers, and fans cheering on each sideline. But, a football analogy would be too kind.

Today’s politics here in our hometown, in our state house, and in DC resembles professional wrestling more than any sport. Neckties replace masks. Nice suits replace tights. Past that, its the very same egos, testosterone fueled angst, and an endless search for ultimate domination in our politics. Not results. Not greater good. Not sacrafice of any sort. Just re-election. That’s the perpetual goal of most elected officials.

Our federal government hit the mat yesterday and each opponent is blaming the other for throwing the good fight. Sad, but typical.

It’s no wonder why so many other countries look so much more healthy & positive for frustrated Americans and ex-pats.  After a year of research, I’ve realized that there are far more healthy places to call home someday.

This week has proven again why a few banana republics offer greater economic & political stability than our birthright of a country.

Where are our Gippers & Tip O’Neils of today…dead and long gone, it seems. Cheers.


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