Evolution happens.

by Captain Bradley

Change is good. Very good.

A lady last weekend asked me why I wasn’t so enthused about our college football program. I paused and offered up “well, it seems that I’ve outgrown “orange 151″ and any emotional connection to such a machine. After all, football is just another form of entertainment. Isn’t it?”  She left with some kind of answer, I guess.

My best pal was over watching pro baseball & football with me last night. I recounted that story & I went on with this rhetorical stream of thought.

We just outgrow things at various stages of life. Like voluntarily choosing to stop soiling our underwear as a toddler…we eventually choose to stop soiling our heart, mind, & soul with thoughts, people, & places that don’t really matter to our most loved ones health & happiness.

It seems that we all eventually evolve beyond our upbringing. I grew up with organized religeon and fairly strict biblical interpretation & gender role expectations. Okay. Moving on. I grew up with great parents doing thier best with thier given educations & local opportunities. Okay. Moving on.  I grew up with a menu of tasty, but overcooked, meats & veggies that I cannot serve my family as chef & top-notch dishwasher. Again, okay. Moving on.

My single point is that we all must move on. The past makes you. But, your own personal evolution should  make you even better as your decades pass. It’s not about pleasing everyone, especially ones parents. It’s about growth. It’s about experiences. It’s about fresh & intelligent perspectives coloring your personal canvas.

None of us are masterpieces, but we are all unique. Like Darwin, Edison, Churchill, both Roosevelt’s, Hawking, and millions more insightful & intriguing characters, we should choose to expand our horizons….as we age gracefully, not kicking & screaming.

Please, guys of a certain age, keep evolving. Please.


“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul” ~ William Ernest Henley.

Molten glass on copper “Voyager” artwork via Houston Llew @ http://www.houstonllew.com and http://www.shopinbliss.com