My Love’s story….

by Captain Bradley

On the heels of a couple of days river camping….


and thanks to our quiet home…I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful a friend, partner, mother, sales pro, & daughter my wife is.

Her folks, long before I met her, referred to her as “love” or Ginny Love. For almost two decades, I found that sweet…but, its true.  She is love. That’s also a song title. She Is Love. Ginny Lee is love.


See the blonde in the middle of a Kat&Kiki sandwich.  She is lovely filling.

She works hard. She’ll be working tonight to best prep for business meetings. She’ll leave us three boys for four days to do what she needs to do. She’s a pro. She’s a bread-winner, as folks used to say.
She is love. She’s the most selfless mom any four kids could ever have. First, as a tremendous “stepmother” (she could enter many a Disney stepmom joke here)….our first formal dance here..


to two little girls, who are now brilliant & beautiful young women. Too many trips & home time experiences to detail here. Suffice it to say, there are three of us so much better off & happier due to this wonderful mom & partner.

Then, years later, God puts us through the infertility wringer and, once we gave up, He gives us two boys to love, share & challenge us. Those boys are the most challenging loves we’ve ever experienced together. 


Again, thanks to her, our Home of Testosterone gets a good relief valve, as needed.

She is love, I’ll betcha, to everyone she knows. Too many sweet girlfriends to mention. Too many legal drug dealer career & other industry friends & acquaintances to mention. Too many church friends to mention.  Just too many. She is love.


Have a great week, my love. My Ginny Love. See you soon.

Hope you can rest a bit this week too.


Love you,