A new normal Thanksgiving…

Dad was a handsome fella…


…just a few decades ago. He’s gone now.  Ginny’s Dad is gone too. Allen & John won’t make it to our family Thanksgiving for the first time…ever.

It’s our new normal. I’m the old man @ 45, it seems.

Happy notes.

2 daughters will be here from thier college experience. 2 little boys will be here bouncing off the walls….wishing for Christmas ffwd.  Jesus should be around, I presume. And 2 older moms & 1 young one will be here. And…then…this old man.  It’s all we got…and we’re okay.

Don’t get me wrong. Dad did his best. From Kerns bakery to Phillip Morris to Starlight Lanes to Buster Brown to Martin Marietta & Union Carbide…this Dad provided. Gin’s Dad did the same between our country’s Navy service & many churches after he “retired”. John provided and more.

2 sweet men. 2 long lives. 2 missed loved ones.



Yeah, John & Gin up there and Mom & Dad at our wedding. Good times.

Life does indeed go on. All roads lead to Florida…as I say.  Then…USVI & BVI. Just sayin.

Here’s wishing you & yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless.


Love you, Dad. Always.