Tis the Season…


“You have a blog?” , I’ve been asked twice today. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Blog…my gift that should keep on giving, even after I’m gone.

My Dad kept no such record of thoughts, aspirations, nor inspirations. There really wasn’t much need nor desire there.

I’m, on the other hand, really weird in the conversational sense. I love stories and interesting thoughts & people. I’m not much for lemmings.

On that note, this Thanksgiving certainly delivered our family one of the most eccentric birds ever. Not the smoked turkey. It was a bit dry, though. The oddest bird this holiday was Jane. Most years, our family will invite someone to dinner who is alone, struggling, etc and needs a fun lift @ Thanksgiving. This year, Gin’s Mom invited Jane. Eccentric is my best descriptor, though I could go on.

It hit me like a brick, early in our meal, why Jane was there. Sure, it was to not be alone & to enjoy a great meal that day & leftovers for days to come. However, I sincerely believe that Jane was there as just the kooky, fun conversationalist we all needed to take our minds off our 3 loved ones we lost this year. I barely made it through our blessing and that was the only mention of our loss that day, at least for myself.

Jane certainly served us better than we served her.

God, indeed, does work in mysterious ways. I will never forget how He helped us via a stranger. 

Happy Holiday Season to you & yours.