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Month: January, 2014

Growing up vs. Giving up

(Here’s my 2nd attempt to publish this post. My first was lost, in spite of drafts auto-saving. Thanks, WordPress! )


You gotta love a great sunset. The metaphors abound in my mind.

At our middle age, sunsets take on very different meanings. Our parents sunsets. Our kids’ childhood sunsets. Our professional & personal friendship sunsets. If you’re as reflective as I am, you see sunsets as our new normal.

Every month, it seems, we experience one or more personal sunsets of friends marriages. It’s a generational thing. Our folks persevered. Same careers. Same home. Same friends. Same vacations. Same & predictable. But, they made it through decades of triumphs & maybe tragedy.

Our GenX is different. The 7 year itch seems to be stretched a bit to a decade or two. Careers get stagnant. Organized religion loses its luster. Healthy relationships grow fewer. And love is shared more sparingly with those who matter the most. I know. I’m a poster boy for all of the above.


Hemingway was spot-on. I do find most people far less interesting though a sober filter. There, I said it…but, I digress.

Fortunately, at my age, I’m more than a little obsessed about where we are & where we are going as a family over the next few decades. It seems that my success & struggles of my 20’s & very lucrative & excessive 30’s & leaner, meaner, and healthier 40’s have tee’d me and our family up for a killer 50’s and beyond. That forward obsession is my largest time & energy ROI for the time I have remaining in this realm.

My Love, Ginny Lee, is healthy. Our four kids are relatively healthy. Two are globe-trotters and two will be someday. And, I’m literally collecting volumes of research about cultures & destinations for our family to visit, play, work, & live someday. Think about a triangle between St. Pete, Florida & Tortola, BVI & Lake Champlain, Vermont. That’s how & where we need to grow up as a family. That’s The Plan.


Keep the good fire burning.


Surround yourself with beauty.


Stay weird.


Hug those you love…a lot.


And share the many journeys, from sunrise to sunset, with all of those who matter most.


Above, our 9yr old daughter’s vision for me…in 2001. No joke.

Family love & very close friends.

All that really matters, while we sail this big, blue wet thing.

Cheers & happy sailing, all.


So true…cheers. Really. Cheers.

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Lots to share tommorrow. Just wanted to share a little truth, at my age.

Salute. Cheers. And, Nostrovia! 

Have a great week,
Captain Bradley

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