Guy talk.

by Captain Bradley


These little guys. Little men in training, if you will. Love ’em.

Today is a big day. Shouldn’t be. But, it is. Dad says so.

Today is another first. A conversation my Dad never had with me. Of course, my Dad never told me that he loved me…in those exact words…which I, in turn, tell each boy daily at school drop-off and at bedtime. Gotta break some family cycles, you know. But, I digress.

Today is the day for my first ever “i know school sucks for you” conversation. It’s like work for most adults. It’s just what you must do…or think you must do.  Your real interests in life don’t matter at school or work. It’s just what you do. Do the Core work. Take the Core tests. Please the teacher, who needs to please the Principal, who needs to please the System, that needs to please the Governor, who could care a less about pleasing the federal government. We’re farming little tester seeds. Not good, but it’s the norm.

Why today?  Well, this morn was the third Monday in a row where one or both boys pretended to be ill. Monday blahs, which we all get, were not going to work today. And, I’m done.

It’s time for our first Guy Talk. I’m sitting both down to explain how I did not enjoy the conformity of school. How I loathed many parts of school. How I was a terrible athlete, so I played golf. But, how I embraced more social subjects, loved just being near cute girls, and how I found myself leading over time and never following my contemporaries past 7th grade. (Forsaking illegal drugs, which our boys don’t know exist, but tasting a hit of Jim Beam on a ski lift can wait…but more appropriate stories are being shared this afternoon.)

Gin (my love & our boys Mom), we’ll talk later.


Spencer Tracy, I’m not. But, I do admire his classic work on film. To me, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is the greatest American film ever. It’s about New vs status-quo. Old vs young. And, yes, racial divides. Most of all, it’s about a positive evolution of our thinking about our very real world. Of course, we don’t have that movie scenario to discuss here today…but we do have a real divide to address head-on…and we will. Guy Talk is my conversation brand idea. Thoughts?

God be with us. God be with you & yours. God bless us….everyone.

Cheers, from our family to yours,