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Month: March, 2014

Life PhD (in process)


Beautiful sunrise this morn. Said good morn to Tampa Bay today. Nice start.

After lunch, which is her breakfast, Kait says, as we rest next to another marina, “livin’ the dream”…in support of me & my second-half career mission.  My reply was quick. “Yes, but it’s no dream if you’re alone.

Gin & I are planning this for everyone. Sure. We need a year-round playground. But, little guys need year-round outdoor activity. We all need year-round vitamin D. Our remaining parents & grandparents need Florida too (pretty sure it’s the law). We need to walk, run, bike, relax, dine alfresco, skimboard, snorkel, scuba, and, yes, sail 300+ days a year.  Oh, then there’s the arts community. Too vast & fun to do justice here, from St. Pete to Sarasota. Yikes. Oh, and there are a few fun theme parks around these parts too.

Then, there’s inevitable grandkids. We need a maximum fun base to entertain & cater to those joining us.

This is a first step, a transition into our more global family life. We already have two globetrotting daughters…


Bri is teaching in Panama and shared this shot with Flat Stanley (our oldest boy’s school project) just this morn. She’s cool and “livin’ the life”. So cool.


Kait, above, heads back to Germany this summer for her next cultural immersion & study & fun.

Good for them. Good for all of us.

Gin & I have been blessed to travel and enjoy a dozen or so amazing islands, towns, and/or regions. Many mental notes have been etched in our minds about just what makes great places conveniently attractive.

Our last big move is coming. The kind with a big truck. We don’t know just when, but it’s coming. And, it’s for all of us. A homebase for all who want to join us for year-round fun.  Family & friends alike.


There will be dark clouds, but they tend to be everywhere. We faced a few last year, as detailed here in past posts.  Friends of ours face huge clouds this week. A great husband, dad, & friend of many passed away ay 47. Unreal. But too real. Gin text me the news with a “Carpe diem” closing. Seize the day is the only way.

At the same time, we need to plan better days ahead. I’m 45. Gin is slightly beyond.  Girls are grown & starting different journeys and boys will be 8 & 10 this summer. 10 is scuba certification age. Just sayin’.

Florida for a solid homebase & launch to the USVI & BVI…with the Keys between. All good.


It’s all good.  Sailing on now.

Cheers…for now….


Life 1.0


Thanks, Ellen.
Your Oscars were a hoot.
Samsung product placement was even better.
Fortunately, life is so much more. 

Breathing in “Fresh Air” again today.
Terry is the antithesis of Gross.
Her guest is a poet.
And he knows it.

Kevin Young is one to follow.
Grief is not.
His Dad’s death makes no sense.
His son cannot be the same.

Sons become Dads…
with or without Grand-dads.
Preferably with…..
Life does go on….

“When you come to a fork in the road….take it.” ~ Yogi Berra

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