Almost two years….

by Captain Bradley


This week started off classic.


Marathon humor. But, I digress…

We awoke yesterday and I ask my love…”any church responsibilities today?”…Gin quips back quickly “just the responsibility of our childrens’ spiritual well-being”….fair enough…point taken….still funny.

But, I did get my 10k or so in, as planned, around real marathoners. What a woman Gin is. FYI, she pulled off shopping for & getting our boys to 3 kid birthday parties, a visit with robotics geniuses, many meals, church stuff, and a kid race through downtown in just 28 hours. Marathon Mom she is. Thank God.

As for this blog….

It’s been over two years now, since my organized religion sabbatical began. As of tomorrow, it’s been two years of blogging about my middle-age journey. 45+ years. 2 very different wives. Not that Mormon way. 4 loved & brilliant kids. 1 true, romantic, unconditional love. Many fun and/or interesting experiences. And a…

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