Today’s 3’s. A geriatric trifecta.

by Captain Bradley

Hard to believe that I can be inspired by Hugh Hefner.  (insert many jokes here)

However, I am today. Hef is 88 today. Old, wrinkly, and seemingly happy. That should be enough. Throw in his gift of entrepreneurship, the backbone of capitalism & truly free nations, and I’m inspired. No moral high-horse required. He took his broken heart at 16 and reinvented himself over and over again. More than just one carnal magazine. Hef created television content with, god forbid, mixed races. Betcha never thought of Hef as a civil rights leader. He was. Thanks to the most intelligent & fun morning show, the CBS Morning show, I’m a little more enlightened. Love that show.

Hef was 1 of 3.

On my morning wog, I passed number 2. Think of Hef decked out in 70’s era workout clothes. Olivia’s “Let’s get physical” garb. Bless his heart. He always waves. Very nice.

Trifecta rounds out with a similar aged chap in his sunblock garb and pith helmet. No melanoma potential there.  Dr Livingston, I’ll presume.

I don’t know any of these chaps. But, I do know this. They are all friendly, as far as I can tell. All 3 are old, but won’t submit to that. All 3 are out there, with or without young women. All 3 look very fit, as opposed to the general U.S. population. Good for them. Longevity is highly overrated without fitness & perspective.


Taking a short break from my wog, kinda jog-walk combo, and this view is nice. Not as nice as any coast, but sunny & 60ish works about anywhere. Even here.

Kudos to today’s geriatric trifecta.

Appreciate growing older …with good health, grear people, and beautiful places….


….cheers, all.