“…for Heaven’s sake!”

by Captain Bradley


So dapper. Another tale of two very different boys. Very different.

Max, with his matching fedora, vest, & slacks…you literally get this picture. A tie?  He’s the only one in this family who will wear a tie. Really. Boy Reagan…he’s his own guy too. Nice vest…by mom’s choice, but shirt-tail out…rebel yell.
Both great boys. Just typically different. 



If you’ve followed this journey from two years ago, you understand my giving up organized religion. 43 years of it was enough.

Well, in the “apple doesn’t fall far” department…here goes…

Young Reagan is standing on our bed Easter morn, not feeling the spirit, and offering “this is what you want” re: going to church. Instantly, I retort “Not exactly. Easter is important to your Mom and I love her. I’m with you, but if all of us at church this morn makes her happy, let’s go.”.  He had, for once, nothing to say.

Fast-forward to our church parking lot…getting out of our car…boy offers, when being rushed to pick up his pace…”It’s just church…for Heaven’s sake”. I could not let that go.

Pointing at him, I offered “Do you know how funny that was?”. I repeated his quote and it kinda sunk in. Slam church while referencing Heaven. Really my kinda Methodist funny.

Boys did great during the ceremony of Easter church. We all did early church just fine.

Easter lunch at our home was great with our two moms. Missing dads, but it was swell.

Our girls were off and having a great Easter too.


Beautiful & dashing is this couple.

All is well. Jesus is still the Lord, to me…but…I just don’t need the ceremonies & dressy rituals required every Sunday.

Find your religion, wherever that is.
Love it. Read about it. Live it.

In short, do what you need to do.

Thanks for joining me here again,