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Month: May, 2014

Thought of the day….


Relax. Enjoy your weekend.

Cheers and sail on.


The speech I never want to deliver.

Here goes. I’m practicing. It’s my newest era of evolution.

Oldest girl called the other night to “finalize plans” with our little guys about a wedding that’s over a year away.

If I were asked, here’s what I would offer.

“You know, obviously you two are in love. We’ve all been there. Planning your nuptials should be fun. That day, even more fun. Your reception…even better. Your honeymoon…best of all fun. No doubt.

Enjoy this time and, as Gin advised, delegate often. You two will be busy with work and/or school over the next year. Your many parents can help, but you are in control.

God brought you two together and you both should lean on Him for guidance, more than any of us flawed humans. He’s much more qualified to help.

Just remember. Your honeymoon will end. But, you can always go back. God knows that Maui will always make me feel 26 again.

You two will enjoy great times of young love, with fellow couples, and with us, as your busy schedules allow.

However, your individual egos & goals will inevitably clash. It’s normal, but heightened by the fact that you are now an official couple.
Who cares about that? You should not. Life is about daily results. Not pleasing your parents. Not keeping up with any Joneses.

Just doing your best for those closest to you is what matters most. Thus, you have a happy family of 2 and you are laying the groundwork for decades to come.

Life is rarely fair. You must make choices. Always choose your collective sanity and immediate family needs. Think. Choose. Enjoy. Repeat.”

That is all.



I’m so confused by this…


Happy Mothers Day weekend to all Moms & confused Dads.


Couplehood…the new single?

Sure. It’s not a real word. Deal with it. It’s a big night around here.


On the heels of stumbling upon a nauseating, self-promoting local magazine spread about two couples meeting & marrying…and considering what just happened in our family tonight…well, I’m pondering a bit about our basic need to be coupled at any age. Not the kind that’s splashed across a double-page spread for mostly strangers enjoying thier 2nd or 3rd trip down some aisle, but young love is worth pondering.

Hey, I coupled up @ 18, for the first time, and we were married @19. Snicker and/or grimace away, folks. That was 1988 in a far off land called Indiana.

We gave up full academic scholarships, RA jobs, and a great college life for love, marriage, poverty, & senseless university debt. Real mature were we…but we did graduate.

That coupling & practice marriage did not last, of course, but it did bless many families with two amazing girls. Girls who are now amazing self-starters, thinkers, givers, & globe-trotters.  Each are also halves of happy couples too. Good for them.

Older than 19, thank God, each are mature and can take on today’s modern, 20-something pace. My hope is that all 4 of them continue forward and are able to pursue & realize small & big dreams together. 

Millineals face bigger challenges, unreal tech advances, & greater rewards than any previous generation. My fellow GenX’ers are barely keeping up and, as this one ages, I’ll be seeking refuge from the demands of such clutter. But, I digress. Our girls & thier guys’ opportunities & adventure potential are exponentially greater than any previous generation. Great for them.

God’s speed to all couples who make a plan, learn from successes & failures, and evolve, as needed.

Our oldest girl is officially engaged tonight and her fella is a great guy. God’s speed to you two and your individual & collective dreams.


Hoist your sails, weather the inevitable storms, and set a solid anchor, as conditions demand.

It’s going to be quite a ride.



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