Couplehood…the new single?

by Captain Bradley

Sure. It’s not a real word. Deal with it. It’s a big night around here.


On the heels of stumbling upon a nauseating, self-promoting local magazine spread about two couples meeting & marrying…and considering what just happened in our family tonight…well, I’m pondering a bit about our basic need to be coupled at any age. Not the kind that’s splashed across a double-page spread for mostly strangers enjoying thier 2nd or 3rd trip down some aisle, but young love is worth pondering.

Hey, I coupled up @ 18, for the first time, and we were married @19. Snicker and/or grimace away, folks. That was 1988 in a far off land called Indiana.

We gave up full academic scholarships, RA jobs, and a great college life for love, marriage, poverty, & senseless university debt. Real mature were we…but we did graduate.

That coupling & practice marriage did not last, of course, but it did bless many families with two amazing girls. Girls who are now amazing self-starters, thinkers, givers, & globe-trotters.  Each are also halves of happy couples too. Good for them.

Older than 19, thank God, each are mature and can take on today’s modern, 20-something pace. My hope is that all 4 of them continue forward and are able to pursue & realize small & big dreams together. 

Millineals face bigger challenges, unreal tech advances, & greater rewards than any previous generation. My fellow GenX’ers are barely keeping up and, as this one ages, I’ll be seeking refuge from the demands of such clutter. But, I digress. Our girls & thier guys’ opportunities & adventure potential are exponentially greater than any previous generation. Great for them.

God’s speed to all couples who make a plan, learn from successes & failures, and evolve, as needed.

Our oldest girl is officially engaged tonight and her fella is a great guy. God’s speed to you two and your individual & collective dreams.


Hoist your sails, weather the inevitable storms, and set a solid anchor, as conditions demand.

It’s going to be quite a ride.