In thier eyes…

by Captain Bradley


Early morn is pretty darn good for personal reflection. Above is my pre-sunrise view today in sunny Florida.

Having 3 of 4 kids down here this week, with our oldest missing due to her Masters degree beginnings right after graduation, it just makes my mind twirl a bit.

We have four perfectly different kids, ages 22, 20, and almost 10 & 8. Oldest 2 are girls. Youngest 2 are  boys. Since each pair are practically different generations, in addition to different genders, we have quite the spread of parenting eras. Raising kids before the government opened the internet up to all, before email, before smart phones, before any social media…before DVDs….it was different. Not better or worse…just different.  My folks were raised without television. People had to actually talk to each other. Weird, huh?

Our kids now need thier gadgets to entertain, if not survive, everyday living. They see thier world differently, as every generation does. They see thier parents differently too, I presume. I can see it in thier eyes….



So different. So wonderful. So challenging too.

There’s nothing more challenging & rewarding than raising future contributors to a global experience. For us, it’s 2 down & 2 to go. We can do this.

Grown girls getting educated beyond us and going forward with loves & adventures is fantastic. Two little guys headed to tween times of challenge & opportunities we cannot comprehend is too. My solution is to relocate to the wild & let each roam free, like the primal boys they are. Gadget-free wild too, since gadgets fail in water. We must make this happen soon.

All 4 kids see us & hear us differently now, as parents. What will we be as grandparents someday?  Who knows? It will just happen, I guess.

In the meantime, we sail on. Enjoying the fleeting moments with grown kids & tolerating and/or enjoying young ones. Neither is easy, as we get closer and closer to that inevitable AARP membership.

From our family to yours, have a great weekend….


…and thanks for your time today…