Fatherhood is good…

by Captain Bradley

It’s about here. That one day we dads get a few minutes of priority, maybe a sweet, homemade gift, and maybe a little relaxation. Even God rested on Sunday. With all due respect, we human dads should follow His lead, me thinks.

Truth be told, I’ve forsaken my dad’s day for a few years. Alzheimer’s will do that. Our last Father’s Days were ignored for great reason. Too frustrating for him.  Ignoring the day was best. Then, Dad died with pneumonia during the third round of last year’s British Open…and we had our last moments together. Seemed very fitting, since golf was our most common interest. At least he knew me that last week, of which I’m forever grateful.

Dad always had a unique way about him. Funny. Opinionated. Misinformed. Shocking. Relaxed. Disengaged. And harsh, as needed. It was a generational thing, I guess.  I understand. I am my father’s son…

No joke. I feel myself transitioning to an old man & grandparenthood…even now.   Sure, our boys are barely halfway to barely adulthood…but our girls are there. My transition begins now and I’m planning a decade of prep to be the best I can be. Good or bad, I’m the patriarch of this family unit now…and I know it.

Now is the time to prep for even bigger, better, & beautiful family memories in more gorgeous places. Gorgeous that my childhood family rarely afforded.

Clear water swimming. Snorkeling. SCUBA. Sailing. Surfing. Charter sailing for fun and income.  All doable for us & future generations.


If you love movies, you know that person is Spencer Tracy in “Guess who’s coming to dinner”…my favorite film of all time. No Hollywood effort ever spoke to our country’s social success & failure like this film. It is perfect.

His speech at the end is perfect. It speaks to love, family, fatherhood, & a wonderful partner & marriage like none other. Great partners in life make much better fathers. I speak from almost two decades of unconditional love.

This father’s day and beyond, I want to be Spencer Tracy incarnate. Hey, I’ll never be a newspaper owner from San Francisco…but…I do agree with his character.  Very open-minded…progressive and funny.

Truth be told. We all should want to be liberal. Free thinking. Live and let live mantra. No decent American should want anything else.

Cheers & happy fathers day.