Holy Schnitzel

by Captain Bradley

Funny & cool. Sweet globetrotter…

Adventures with KHill

I have had the best few days EVER. I’ll try to give a run-down here.

Thursday: We had our first day of class (class? This trip involves school?) and it went pretty well. I like the professors but you know…school. Not going to be the most fun part of the trip but that’s totally okay. After class Thursday, we hopped on the S-Bahn and went to a park nearby called Hirschgarten, which literally means deer park. I thought the name was funny, then we got there and there were actual deer in a large closed-in space. Like a zoo but with just deer. What? Anyways, there was also a biergarten which is like a zoo but with people and alcohol. So they had the Germany-USA soccer game set up on big screens all around the biergarten and we got there a couple of hours early and got a table with…

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