Dad. Me and mine.

by Captain Bradley

Another summer. Another blur.

Just a few weeks are left in our 20+ summers with kids. Every one of them have been different. Different places to play. Different beach homes. Different characters. Similar restaurants. Always great food. Maybe a new kid guest or two. Always a great beach. But, every experience has differed in some way. This summer has kept our tradition alive.

After our Disney adventure, before Kait left for Europe…
we regrouped and headed back to Florida with our young guys and their grandmothers. Our first beach trip with them after both of our dads passed. Kinda different, but it was a wonderful week plus in Pass-a-Grille and beyond. That will be our summer home someday, perfectly positioned between St. Croix, USVI & the Green Mountains of Vermont. No way to get bored bouncing between those three playgrounds. But, I digress.

Summer is flying by, as usual. And, as very few know or care, we are already halfway through The (British) Open. Not a big deal for 99.9% of the world, but it is to me.

I love it. I’ve never been to Britain, but I’ve loved this Open since I was a kid. Watched it with Dad every summer. And, tomorrow, about 8:30am or so, I’ll be watching and remembering my Dad. Almost a year to the day, I kissed Pops on his forehead for the last time. He passed just before I arrived at the hospital that Saturday morning. His skin was barely cool. Just like him. Just like me. We are cut from the same cloth. We watched the first round of The Open last year and he seemed relatively fine. That was our last chat and our mutual goodbye, so to speak.

I sit here now, doing what dads do. I started this entry with nothing but myself, my new iPhone, my Friday jazz via WUOT, and this huge recliner. But, now our youngest has bathed very quickly and sits beside me with his new Kindle. Oh, now we are joined by his brother and his iPod. How times have changed. Our tv is off. Our Bose is pumping out Louis Armstrong et al. But…times have changed. All we are missing is Mom and one of our iPads.
Fortunately, it’s family movie night or we may just head to books & bedtime early. Who knows? It’s the weekend.

No schedule is a great schedule.

Jazz Jam is now pumping out a nice variety and we are at least here together in one room. Chillin. There. I said it. Just great tunes, steady rain, and gadgets on a blah Friday night.

We’re fine. I’m alive. And we have new traditions for all four of our kids to write about, blog or otherwise.

Oops. Gin is here. No iPad. Max just told her that I was in a dancing mood tonight. Out with the handhelds, all. It’s Wii time.

Just Dance, everyone. Soon.

Gotta dance now.