Heart healthy. That’s a “blue mind”

by Captain Bradley

Great summer….no, lifetime reading.

I cannot believe the reaffirmation this book from Dr. Nichols has offered. Especially now.

As we left our new favorite SW Florida home, it began. Call it a flutter. Call it palpitations. Call it an ache. How about “all of the above”? Very real.


According to the good doctor, it’s normal. Water of any kind brings neutrality, peace, calm, etc. Thus, my second-half career choice training, which continues this fall with SCUBA and next spring with more sailing certs through costal navigation. Weeks of training leading to a half-lifetime of water, selling pleasure, and hosting family, friends, & strangers-to-new-friends alike.

Don’t get me wrong. Our outdoor Y has a great lap pool that we all enjoy. My favorite moments there are lap swimming with our youngest boy. He’s strong. But, that pales in comparison to playing, diving, swimming, and exercising in the clear Gulf waters. Same for the Caribbean.

Being land-locked won’t work for me and ours. We love to explore. Max asked me about my favorite things the other day and he answered for me “our family, the beach, good food…and travel”. Son, you are mentally strong too.


Both boys love good water…


…which is why I let them play in strong currents. It’s a lot like life. Big force. Fun play. Knockdowns. Getting back up to go again. That’s life.

I know fun. Really fun. I know privilege. And I know otherwise. However, what I know best for all of us is a change of latitude and atmosphere. It will happen. Sailing Charter Captain by 50 is still a must. Join us.

Then, we are very well positioned for little & grown kids with “blue minds” going between Pass-A-Grille and St. Croix, USVI. Then….on to grandkids who better be able to swim at birth. Just sayin’.

Look into the “Blue Mind”, if water is your thing. You’ll be glad you did.