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Month: November, 2014

Girls are wonderful.

Girls are wonderful..

Girls are wonderful.

Wonderful and complicated.

Aren’t we all?

Today, some girls are global savvy. Others….not so much. Fortunately, we have 2 who are. Two daughters who dream, succeed, fall short, and keep moving forward. Not perfect…but perfect to me. It’s a Dad thing.

Gin & I love these two grown girls, plus two little dudes + Lilly (our pup), more than they could possibly know…until 4 of those 5 have a child of their own.

Until then, we keep enjoying & praying for all 4 very different personalities and journeys. This weekend, we even split up for me to share time with our oldest girl in one town and Gin & boys with youngest girl in another town, as each girl needed. It’s what we do. Reminds this dad of how we put thousands of miles on many a sedan & SUV to be with little girls every other weekend, holidays, and for trips to wonderful places. Sunday drives home were tough, but Friday drives there were wonderful.

Gin & boys are driving back now as our oldest drives back to Memphis. All I can do is cook. Breakfast for our girl. Peasant toast for me. Then homemade croutons. Next, a hot bacon & mustard vinaigrette for our spinach salad lunch when Gin & boys return. Times like these, you gotta stay mentally busy. For me, I cook.

It’s been over two months since I put thoughts to this app. Nothing too interesting to share. School for 4 kids is what it is. Work is what it is. Home is cozy and just fine. Nothing new until this weekend.

I’m not sharing everything here. That’s not what I should do. Unlike our NSA, I do respect the privacy of others.

Thanksgiving is coming. I took an online, holiday quiz this past week and I AM THANKSGIVING. Who knew? I did. Food. Football. Family. All f words. Ironic. I cannot wait. Our girls will be driving 3 to 6 hours, respectively, to be here for five days. Just wonderful.

Life is good. Not great. That will come someday. It’s just really good for now.





Cheers. Nostrovia. And Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Sail on & fair winds to you all this Season.





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