Still here…

I’m writing. Just not here for a few months. But, for good reason…

It’s been a soul-searching few years. Three plus years void of organized religion, except for Christmas and Easter. We all have traditions. 

This Captain has been writing my first book, in two of our son’s notebooks. I thought it apropos to revisit my childhood in a Cars/Lightening McQueen notebook and early adulthood in an Angry Birds notebook. 

Granted, this rough, very rough draft will be edited many ways and put on-line eventually. I am struggling with self-publishing, which seems to work for the sultry Meredith Wild books, but may or may not work for this first novella of its kind. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Stay tuned. Big summer times are ahead. We head to the Gulf soon with all 4 kids, no grandparents, plus one boyfriend. A fine young man we just met recently. 

Looking forward to this trip, hiking the Camino de Santiago of Spain, and a well-deserved get-away to Costa Rica with My Love, Ginny Lee. 

We will eat & drink well, as always. 

Summer is almost here. Make the most of it. We certainly will. Much more to come. 


Capitan Brad