Kids say, and sing, the darnedest things. Even on the Camino. 

by Captain Bradley

Here we are another 18km up the Camino and a nap for one and a little writing with cervesas for papa. We were blessed with another gorgeous day. Lots of sun and nice breezes. Same forecast for the next week.  We also had the blessing of sharing most of our journey today with our new friends from Barcelona. 

Lourense first teased Brianna, at our first cafe rest-stop, that only Mr. Brad could come. To which I retorted, “we are a packaged set. Both of us or none”.  This goofy 11-year old acquiesced.

A few minutes late, hands were held. 

Too many funny words, thoughts, and ideas between us all to cover here. Trust me. 

Then, there was singing… here they are…
…plus Brianna. We left the family at their auberge and moved on to our nice, scenic lunch. 25€ later and we are full of tapas & cervesas, which were delicious. I came for their pupa (octopus) but left with cheese, meats, and beer success.  

A short walk later, we are here at our next auberge. Only 20€ total for our private room and meals & drinks are all offered for a donation. Pay what you think it’s worth, she said.  We love that. 

As she naps, Dad is left to his own devices. I’ve showered, swigged a couple of San Miguels, shared with you, and, now I must upload and go. New friends await here from South Africa and Belgium. 

Cheers and Buen Camino!