Viva Camino. Viva REALLY good times. 

by Captain Bradley

I cannot quite put the last 36 hours or so into adequate words. But, I will try. 

Brianna and I trekked into our next village early, per usual, and scarfed up the perfect room with perfect hosts named Christina & Stephan. He’s a police officer in Belgium and she’s retired from her social services career. But they are so darn funny…look for the blonde on the left and laughing guy on the right….

…and the guy with way too much vino tinto here too…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Life is to damn short. I get it   

Last night was classic in so many ways. One video of myself and Laurence from South Africa will prove it…

Warning:  do not watch this if you are uber-moral, carry distain for late-night conviviality, or have a child near you. If you are a free-thinker or like those…ROLL TAPE!

Quite the night and, to everyone’s surprise, I jumped into go mode and we hit the Camino trail early for us. We passed a few, found our family of four, crossed into hippie land….

…and it was good. Nice people who live here…


Not what I was expecting from my guide bible, but sweet, welcoming and nice. 1€ for refreshment and we were on our way.  
The remainder of our walk went by pretty fast and we were soon gazing down on Astorga. 

Fortunately , historic agua stations are everywhere on the Camino. 

Astorga is a beautiful town of 12,000. More Milan is style and attitude. I even put on my standard white shirt to cover up the sweat in front of the Sunday cafe’ and church crowd. 

A few kilometers later and we find ourselves in a little village of 50 called Murias. The aubergues were not to my liking or inattentive. Thus, a sweet B&B will do…

Our señora host was wonderful and did our laundry for us. A mom for a day she was. Gorgeous home and better that many B&B’s back home. 

As for nightlife, well, let’s just leave that we found the hub of it next door. A cafe, bar, and restaurant that serves up delicious meats, octopus…

And many $3 bottles of casa vino tinto. 

Much more to share, but we must go now. Much more I need not share. 

Buen Camino!