People. Places. Things…nouns. 

by Captain Bradley

The longer you live, the more important a few things are and how little most things mean to you…or should. 

Today was a great day. Perfect weather. Glorious views…

…descending from over 1,500km to about 600km elevation (over 3,000ft) over a couple of hours. However, overlooking one emence valley, I found myself obsessing about home. One little guy who turned 9 today. To know Max is to love him…

Smart, funny, good-looking…all Mom’s traits. I’m just a blessed Dad.  I’ve never missed his birthday. It’s just not done. Most summers, we’ve all gone to the beach this week. We did that in May this year. I barely made it through a video message to him last night and Brianna and I did our best for him on the trail this morning here…sorry for the shotty camera work….

I’m blessed to be here with our first-born, Brianna. I’m blessed to have her sister join us in Madrid next week. Blessed to have a partner in life who loves me unconditionally and encouraged this Dad-daughter pilgrimage. And blessed to have two brilliant and funny boys at home, who also need to travel the globe and immerse in how the other halves of this world live. 

But, this was a trip for our girls and me. God willing, I’ll have a few decades to explore with one to all of Hill family of 6. But, today, I do miss those at home.  Not the trappings. Not our mundane routines. Not the stuff. The people. The ones who mean the most to me. 

Most of all, today, it’s our boy of 9. Thor, as I like to refer to him. Maxwell, for real.  

Although he does not follow blogs, even mine, for good reasons, Hsppy 9th my boy and I’m going to squeeze on you and all that matter so hard when we return home. Hey, God, could you work my love into Max’s dreams later tonight ?  Thanks!

I know. I know. He’ll barely remember one birthday out of so many. Maybe. But I will. I will remember this magical journey with my daughters, just as I will remember missing one of our boys birthdays. C’est la vie, I guess.  

I’ll leave tonight or today with a few images of The Way of the Camino de Santiago. Real monuments. Real homage to those lost or suffering now. Such warmth coming from serine.  


Eyelids getting heavy. Eyesight foggy. Hard to type. Brianna is out cold. Great time to share. 

Again, happy 9th Max, wherever you are. Hope today was fun and enjoy dinner out with family there!. Love and miss you all!  Celebrate for me celebrating for you!

Love from one sweet little town in Spain…to a sweet boy back home. 

Love you, Max, and Buen Camino!