Wow. Let the real workout begin. Camino style. 

by Captain Bradley

We are on a trip, an experience, an adventure. Not a true vacation. 

See this?

We did this. Many of these. 

You see. This Dad-daughter adventure began with long flights/train ride and others catering to our needs. We didn’t have to think too much. 

Once in Leon, Spain, that changed. Where to stay? How to get there? Where to eat? How to get on the Camino trail?  Like Dr. Seuss does Spain. 

And, we were off. More ways than one. Trekking through Leon was urban boring, but led to gorgeous countrysides. We went for days on long, easy hikes of 15-20k a day. Fun walks. Fun people. Excellent naps, meals, vino & cervesas, and overnights everyday.  Then. Payback. 

We took on our first 30k journey. Great weather. 52f to start. Not really hot until afternoon. That’s been our fortune. Yesterday, however, we pushed our limits and felt it.  We dragged ourselves into medevial Villafranca with all the gusto of two beaten rugs. But, we made it. No blisters. No bruises. No lacerations. Just sore in certain places. This is our motivation…

Yes. Pulpo grilled to perfection (3 huge octopus tentacles) topped off yesterday. 

We had another bohemian aubergue last night and slept like babies with a cool breeze from our open window that cost us an extra 4€. Best deal there.  After FaceTime with My Love and boys, I was out. Our host shut all pilgrims down by 10:30 and there was nothing but the sound of the breeze. 

Up @ 7 and we were off again. Our Camino bible detailed trail one over two mountains, climbs of over 1,500ft in elevation over 10k. We chose 2. We hit the pass, along a road and off-road past the pass. It was very enjoyable. Until those last two kilometers. Straight up. Rocks to climb. 15-25% pitch all the way. But, this old man did it. Girl too.  Lots of rests and water breaks. My cue to break was the distinct feeling of my rapid pulse in my neck. One’s heart should rarely scream through one’s neck, me thinks. 

26k later. We made it. Just an uphill 4k away from the next tallest peak. No worries. We are here…

Our next bohemian albergue came in at a nice 5€ per bed and we are each suspended high in the room in elevated bunks. Nice Spaniards will be joining us across the room. Only 8 beds in a cool stone & timber room.  Communal veggie dinner with jugs of organic wine is @7:30 sharp or when the dinner bell rings. Just like mom never did!

Super wi-fi here is stunning. La Faba is quaint, sweet, and remote. How do they do it? Great way to stay in-touch via FaceTime, text, fb, and blog. Verizon’s international package? Not so much. 

No TV that I can understand. No NPR. No USA fast food, news, creature comforts….and it’s all good. 

I’m here with someone I love. Staying in-touch with home loves. Kait joins us next week.  And we are challenging ourselves like never before with great excercise and many a culinary & libation reward each day and evening. Plus, I was educated by my dear daughter that the less I drink , the less I snore. Never stop learning, I say. 

But, I did buy her & Kait earplugs , just in case the free-flowing vino tinto & ridiculous conversations get away from me again. Just in case. 

Tonight’s hippie dinner, after dinner stroll, and sleeping around others should be interesting.  Really looking forward to it.

Hope you and yours are well and good day or goodnight from La Faba…

Buen Camino!