Almost there. 32k plus down today. Rough. Just 52k left…

by Captain Bradley

We awoke very early this morn to the wafting aroma of farm dung. You see, there’s no air conditioning in this part of Spain. Your open windows and sweet nights in the breezy 50’s do the job. Just avoid aubergues downwind from farm animals. 

Thus, we packed up and hit the cafe’ and then the trail. 

Galicia is perfect for morning hikes. Cool, as everywhere, but mist and clouds hang over this valley. They burn off by lunchtime, when we are winding down. Not so today. We needed to go more that 32km to leave two more days to cover the last 52km. As for today, my body is talking to me. Screaming a bit, at one point. But I thought it may have screamed, yet again, “Cervesas, por favor!”  Thus, I answered my body’s cry. Grande cervesa before we finished. And another as reward. Between, there was this….

That hanky you cannot see there was from Brianna herself. As a child, she sewed my initials in the corner of a dozen handkerchiefs many years ago.  We are hanky carriers from way back. Maybe she personalized 15 or so. I brought that one for good reason. It means a lot to me. Just like this adventure.  Just like her.  

As we continued today, the sky cleared  and it became hot. Just the high 70’s but with sun. Carefully maintained cabana trails really help…

For today, we are done walking , hobbling a bit, but now applying vino tinto medicine to what ails us….

…on our little aubergue patio. Cheers!

And, Buen Camino!