Ode to Larry. My new South African friend. See you in Belize someday. 

by Captain Bradley

Imagine a funny guy. A balding guy. A joke-telling guy. A guy who ran a profitable ranch with 5,000 head of cattle. The same guy that was stripped of his investment in property by the Zimbabwe government with no appeal nor recourse. $5 million or so gone  forever, along with his life. 

Just add a little salt to his wounds. His wife leaves too. What does Larry do?  Hike the Camino in Spain, head to Ibeza for kicks, and go explore the “walking with lions” business potential in Belize. I love it. Here’s Laurence, Larry to me…

He does like those big beers. Who doesn’t?  2€ and you have a German-style jug of beer. Great deal. 

So, on our last night in one of our hippie villages, La Faba, I picked up a 1.50€ bottle of local white wine as Larry was checking out the cattle farm. 

Then we saw each other..

 As I ascended the village hill to watch the premature sunset over a tall mountain, Larry came up to my place on a stone wall. We chatted. Cheers!  

And We forgot the sunset as we headed back downhill. 

We were stumbling just fine until we heard the voices of the sweetest family we knew from Barcelona. We popped in during their communal serving of dinner… 

…and the old man in-charge showed us the door. Another couple of jugs of beer later, and we were chasing cattle. Well, Larry was…but, a couple of nights before…well…..to be continued…this video from our second night past Leon says it all. Laurence tells his joke  we laugh and proverbial chips fall…

Warning:  keep tender ears away from this video!

I can’t wait to catch up in Belize. Or wherever. 

Buen Camino, Laurence!  And cheers!