Sleeping with Spaniards. 

by Captain Bradley

It’s only happened once…so far. Spanish women are fun, impossible to understand, and a laugh a second.  That is reason enough to spend a fun-filled night with them. But, so is a lack of private rooms at your local aubergue. These are such women with my lovely daughter…

Too much fun. The lovely gal on the left side of this last pick spoke English well. She was my connection to the others when Brianna was not around. Very nice women on a great trip. 

We all slept in the same room due to the packed town of pilgrims. We all ate, washed clothes, relaxed, and chatted in common spaces or sidewalk cafes as needed. It was an experience. First and last. 

You see, Brianna and I have been putting all of our energy and sweat into the Way. The walk. The hike to Santiago from Leon, Spain. 300km of the 800km Camino Frances that demands 5-6 weeks of hiking. 

I’ll make no apologies for needing comfort after our days on the Camino. We paid 10€ for our first private room and 20€ for our favorite aubergue experience and 55€ for a remarkable B&B in the smallest village. Other private rooms with clean beds and killer baths have all been in that range , averaging us about 35€ per night. Well worth the 15-20€ per night for securing our stuff, clean everything, total privacy, quiet naps, peaceful overnight sleep, and NO BEDBUGS.  Yes, Yes, those are an issue in cheap hostels and aubergues on the Camino. 

Not worth it. Budget accordingly or just camp outside. Either way. Avoid those critters. Ridding them from your person, clothes, and backpack is quite the ordeal. 

From where we are now, it’s Camino paradise @ 45€ + 20€ total for both 3-course dinners with vino. Not bad….

Yeah. I get that look a lot. Regardless, this idea of hers has brought us here. Fun. Challenge. Laughs. Endless memories. Cultural education for me. My first and best trip to Europe yet. 

Gracias, Brianna. Mucho gracias, señorita. 

She’s off to bed now. 4.50€ and my nightcap awaits me…

Viva Spain!

Viva Brianna!

And Buen Camino!

Cheers !